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InvizAudio Speakerless Audio Systems use massively powerful, invisible audio drivers designed to convert solid resonant surfaces into exceptionally high quality audio for the home and for commercial installations.

A new evolution in sound and design:

Now walls deliver perfect sound and pitch! 

Gone are ugly speakers and flush mounted grills.  Dry wall, Fiberglass, plywood, and glass provides perfect conductors capable of delivering deep baritone and shrill soprano sound.  And it all, seemingly comes out of nowhere!

It’s an interior designers dream… where bare walls, ceilings and floors become a blank canvas for them to work on and at the same time each is a contributing factor to a perfect sound system.

InvizAudio Speakerless Audio System can make each room in your home feel like it’s alive!

The InvizAudio AudioDriver is a type of transducer that converts electrical energy – the audio signal, into mechanical energy – resonation of the substrate to which it is attached. This resonation transfers kinetic energy to the drywall, fiberglass, wood structure, even glass, which results in creating billions of micro speakers transfering sound waves which can be heard. The speed of resonation determines the frequency.

With roots deep, leading the field in high power invisible audio technology for over 30 years, InvizAudio has become a large custom home and commercial extension for speakerless audio with locations in South Florida, California, and Memphis.

How Does It Work? (hit + sign to learn more)

Transducers can be found in a variety of types that convert different forms of energy, such as force, light, electricity, chemical energy, motion, heat, and more. You can think of a transducer more simply as a translator.

  • Every tool that your body uses to touch, taste, sound, sight and smell are all natural transducers!
  • Eyes are transducers that convert light waves into electrical signals, which are then carried to the brain in order to create images.
  • Vocal cords vibrate from the passing/exhalation of air and, with the assistance of mouth, nose, and throat, produce sound.
  • Ears are transducers that pick up sound waves and also convert them into electrical signals to be sent to the brain.
  • Even skin is a transducer that converts thermal energy (among others) into electrical signals that help us determine hot and cold.

The term “transducer” isn’t a common topic of discussion, yet it pervades our everyday lives. Plenty can be found in the home, outside, while on the way to work, or even held in one’s hand. In fact, the human body (hands included) is packed with different types of transducers that we understand innately. Discovering and describing the ones we have isn’t too difficult once the concept has been explained.



InvizAudio Speakerless Audio Systems produce sound by directing sound energy into the solid material they are attached behind.

The solid material acts as a carrier for the sound energy, passing the sound into the air.

The air molecules are energized by their contact with the sound-radiating surface and the air transfers the sound to your ear.

  • 5.1 Dolby
  • 7.1 Dolby
  • 9.2 Dolby
  • 11.2 Dolby


“After now having installed my Home Theater, I don’t know why anyone would NOT choose the InvizAudio Speakerless system.”