Creative Custom

Each installation of the InvisAudio Systems are custom tuned for optimal audio output by certified installers.

Forward Thinking

Reinventing the way sound is heard and felt as we graduate from traditional vibration to resonation.

Problem Solvers

Exploring new markets to bring speakerless solutions to many different useful products.

Customer Support

Family business with 35 years of building referral relationships around the globe.

“I believe speakerless audio is the next major trend in audio.”

— Domonic Ballew, InvisAudio

Our Story

There’s no question that over the past few years, audio soundbars added a significant depth to the level of audio quality.  And, they are a compact solution that nearly anyone can wall-mount or place under the screen.

Now, imagine the highest sound quality infused into the walls of your home! InvisAudio Speakerless Audio Systems provide an equally immersive sound. The difference is there are no added hassles or visual aggravation of installing a soundbar or other external traditional speakers. There’s no need to provision for additional space under your screen or wonder whether to wall mount or not. Even better still, you no longer need to consider the optimal height of the screen against the soundbar so that the speaker output is in line with your ears. In fact, the sound that comes from the surrounding walls is already in line with your ears! Sound no longer comes from the side or top/bottom of the screen, making an InvisAudio System the closest in-home adaptation of an actual iMAX Theater experience.

InvisAudio technology in a nutshell

On the technology front, its integration with home connectivity and Smart Home Technology unleashes new design possibilities. InvisAudio Systems fully integrate with voice search via AppleTV and Amazon Echo, delivering access to any media your heart desires. We’re looking at the future of both home and commercial audio, with uncompromising quality.

InvisAudio has an incredibly innovative solution in integrating a well-hidden sound system behind the surface of walls. InvisAudio’s technology projects sound from the walls, well on par with some of the best traditional speakers on the market without using speakers at all.

Now does the vibration of sound affect the longevity of the home? Well, InvisAudio has conducted extensive tests looking at this for well over 3 decades and are confident that this is a non-issue.  We are still in contact with homeowners which had our system installed back in the 80’s and they are still very happy with the lifetime guarantee and high audio fidelity.  Many reach out to us for further upgrades.


15 + 10 =

Domonic Ballew

Lead Visionary and Team Quarterback

Years of marketing and creativity have brought Domonic to be able to drive sales by building relationships with builders of custom homes, commercial storefronts, architects and yacht builders to integrate AudioPucks into many markets adding value to products.

Domonic plays music instruments and writes and performs his songs.

Harrison Dunn

Technical Installation Manager

With over 3 decades of familiarity and cusom installations, Harrison is highly quilified to install InvisAudio Systems in Commercial, Residentail and Marine environments. Harrision specializes in refit projects installing InvisAudio Systems in existing structures without ever seeing intrusion.

Harrison loves to be outside hiking and exploring the great outdoors.

Ambrosia Ballew

Logistics and Controller

With Post Graduate in Wildlife DNA Studies from UM, Ambers attention to detail is remarkable. Formerly the analytical brain of CEO and attorneys of an engineering firm, she now brings her organized energy to InvisAudio.

Amber enjoys ocean time and dancing in her off time