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InvizAudio Speakerless Audio Systems use massively powerful, invisible audio drivers designed to convert solid resonant surfaces into exceptionally high quality audio for the home and for commercial installations.  With roots deep, leading the field in high power invisible audio technology for over 30 years, InvizAudio has become a large custom home and commercial extension for speakerless audio with locations in South Florida, California, and Memphis.

A new evolution in sound and design is upon us, where walls deliver perfect sound and pitch!  Gone are ugly speakers and flush mounted grills.  Dry wall and the barriers behind it, provide perfect conductors capable of delivering deep baritone and shrill soprano sound.  And it all, seemingly comes out of nowhere!

It’s an interior designers dream… where bare walls, ceilings and floors become a blank canvas for them to work on and at the same time each is a contributing factor to a perfect sound system.

InvizAudio Speakerless Audio System can make each room in your home feel like it’s alive!



  • 5.1 Dolby
  • 7.1 Dolby
  • 9.2 Dolby
  • 11.2 Dolby