Invisible Outdoor Sound

No More Plastic Rocks

Resists Sun, Rain, Snow, Frost

IP55 Waterproof Standard

We covertly install the system to the underside of the patio decks and even hide them in Gazebos, and other wooden structures.

Listen I wanted to write and tell you all how much we really love our AudioDeck that your team installed.  It’s absolutley perfect to have such nice ambient sound throughout the space, when we have guests over, it’s so easy to adjust the volume levels with the vertical slider installed on the railing as I enter the deck.  it’s just easy!  So proud of this revolutionary waterproof InvisAudio Speakerless Audio System – Thank you so very much!

Alfredo Schido

Belmont, CA

Mood & Ambience : Set The Mood

Besides visual aesthetics, another key advantage is an ambient sound experience. Traditional loudspeakers result in the people who are close to the speaker hearing sound that is too loud. Whereas those a little further away hear sound that is too quiet.

You want diners at your restaurant, bar or cafe to listen to the best quality mood enhancing music. But without annoying those nearest the point source loudspeaker. With InvisAudio, we can provide that mystical audio experience from every direction. Your patio guests will experience balance and peace while dining.

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Dynamic sound with no visible speakers. Everyone is amazed when they discover that entire deck can become the speaker.