It’s Friday!  Man, what a week.  I’m beat.

My largest client needed a lot of hard holding while we rolled out a powerful new revision in our software program.  Futhermore, baseball activities for my two boys have exhausted three out of the five evenings, while my daughter is buried in High School finals.  I’m ready for some R&R. in addition, my husband is away golfing upstate, the evening is MINE!

All week I’ve been looking forward to enjoying our new bathroom remodel for the first time – just me.  This morning I prepared by picking up the towels, wiping the toothpaste from the full-walled mirror above the new double sinks, and carefully placing yummy scented candles around my rock and tiled sanctuary.

Arriving home, the garage door shuts behind me, my iPhone’s set to DND, the quiet house is filled with only the sound of my car keys hitting the kitchen countertop and our excited cocker spaniel looking for a plate of food. I’ll open a 2013 Chilean Merlot and choose a long stemmed tall open wine glass.  Kara needs to get out for some fresh air and chase a ball, before the sun goes down, therefore I’ll let her run while I start on that glass of wine… what a beautiful sunset from the porch swing.

It felt a bit pretentious…

We installed a four-headed shower – his, hers, the middle rain shower, and my removable handheld, yet my favorite part of our remodeled bathroom is the music!  I could never imagine how amazing this shower is when I get to set my iPhone to smooth jazz, hit Airplay and my entire shower becomes a stereo soundscape without any speakers at all!  The stone and tile themselves sing out with sultry saxophones and crisp piano sounds.  All in all, this is my happy place.  Thank you InvisAudio for your transforming my happy sanctuary into heaven with your Speakerless Audio System.